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Tree Trimming FAQ's

Tree Trimming Frequently Asked Questions

What is the property owner responsible for? 

CWEP tree trimming contractors are responsible for trimming and removing trees along all our primary and transmission lines. Property owners are responsible for trimming and removing trees on the secondary line that brings electric service from the transformer to their homes. Customers should work with licensed and insured tree trimmers to do this work. 

After CWEP contractors finish work, how long does clean up take? 

After a trimming job is complete, all debris will be cleared and chipped within three business days. All wood larger than 3” in diameter will be left on site for the landowner to use. In rural areas, wood chips will be broadcasted on site, and in unmaintained areas, branches will be lopped and scattered.   

Can the property owner keep leftover branches and or wood chips? 

All wood larger than 3” diameter will be left on site for the landowner to use. We can also leave other debris on-site at the customers request. For safety reasons, CWEP does not give away any wood chips created. 

I think I might have a tree that would damage power lines. What do I do? 

Never attempt to trim trees growing near power lines yourself. It is extremely dangerous and against the law. Always call CWEP at 417-237-7300.

I don’t want CWEP to trim or remove my trees. What are my options? 

CWEP has the right to remove and trim any tree or vegetation growing in our rights-of-way. This work helps prevent expensive outage repairs and reduces the risk of fires. If there is a hazard tree growing in our right-of-way on your property, we will notify you of the need to remove the tree. Property owners that do not allow our crews to complete this work will be held responsible for any damage caused by their tree(s) and incur the cost of all future trimming.   

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