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Budget Billing

Budget billing

Budget billing helps customers manage their monthly utility bill expenses.  The Budget Payment Plan will help balance seasonal highs and lows of your utility bill while your monthly payment remains the same each month.  Remember, lower utility bills can only be achieved by conserving usage.  Budget Billing does not lower your utility bill; however, it does provide one method to better budget your utility expenses by knowing in advance how much you will be expected to pay each month. 


You must have had service for 12 months, no past due amounts, and have a satisfactory payment history.


Budget Billing will start on your first statement in October.  Your account will be settled & recalculated on the September statement of the following year


Your monthly budget amount is determined by your previous utility usage for the preceding 12 months and adjusted for anticipated rate changes.  Your average annual usage will be spread out across twelve months.

Your monthly bill will continue to show the actual usage and dollar charge every month, along with the budget payment amount.

If you feel that you would qualify and Budget Billing is right for you, contact us by phone (417)-237-7300 by email at or log into your account to request budget billing.

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